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Spring Break Sex

Cancun… no wait… Panama City, Florida… wait wait, I’m sorry you are going to Miami? I know, you are in high school or you are in college wanting some sex during spring break, understandable, what guy doesn’t want a peice of ass. Unfortunatly, I did the same thing as you, I went to some so called “easy pussy spot” whether that be one of the famous spots in the United States or Mexico. Now if you are choosing a spot in the United States, there is a good chance you are on a budget, your parents are strict and won’t let you leave the country, or both. No one wants to miss out on wild free orgy parties and girls gone wild, right? And then there are those going to Cancun because they have money and freedom one way or another. You believe in your heart of hearts you are going to be slaying pussy left and right… WRONG! You are going to spend a whole lot of money and the airport is going to be laughing at you while you’re hungover and headed home with your dick dry. You are the people I want to talk to, you Cancun people. The poor and strict should still listen because you may have money down the road and there is some good information here for you.

If you are not getting laid already during high school or college then spring break won’t help you, okay? That’s right, if you have not figured out how to get in a girls pants or you have the lack of energy trying, spring break won’t do you any good. If sex is the end goal then let’s figure out a way to save money and score cheap pussy. Seeing as your parents have okay’d you to go to Cancun, you can probably weasel your way to going to another location that will be much more beneficial to you in terms of sex. Even though prostitution in Cancun is legal, it’s not as straightforward and cheap as it used to be.

Best Spring Break Trip Ever

Here is how to have the best spring break trip ever.

  1. Buy a plane ticket to Colombia (see Spirit Airlines, they tend to be the cheapest) and visit either Bogota, Medellin, or Cali. Bogota is much like the Paris of Colombia, Medellin is the “city of eternal spring”, and Cali is home to the best fake tits in all of South America (warning the weather is Hot but so are the women).
  2. Book a stay at a hostel, they are incredibly cheap and fun. Here you will meet young people from around the world and you will have 10x more fun and a much higher chance at scoring pussy with either a fellow traveler or a Colombian honey.
  3. It’s not hard to find online… gather some information on brothels and strip clubs according to your destination. You can fuck the girls in almost any strip club in Colombia and it won’t cost you more than $50 bucks… and she will be the hottest bang of your life, guaranteed.
  4. Buy some cocaine off the guys selling cigarettes and candy.
  5. You have strict parents… Tell your parents you are going to Cancun so they never know, you only live once, have some balls.

So you want a beach? Then go fuck yourself and go to the beach.