Starving – The Whore Monger


not in the terms of having no money
starving in the terms of it being too late in the night
nothing open
walking down duval street
drunks and ladies dancing in every bar
knowing that if i just had a couple tequila shots
i’d have a slim chance at a messy older woman
dancing the night away
after seeing a few true drunks in messy shape
i just wanted dinner and a cab back to my hotel
walking faster than normal to the only open restaurant
i come upon two overweight women from behind
one farts
a fart that i’d rip if no one was around
she turns her head quickly to scour for witnesses
and there i was
i heard every vibration
luckily for me
i wasn’t her partner
and no, i didn’t smell it
i listened closely for their conversation
there after as i walked ahead
no giggles
just a slight pause in conversation
i wanted to say
“nice fart”
but i didn’t
not enough to drink
and too hungry to care