19 – The Whore Monger


sweet and 19
although she wasn’t so sweet
when she first came in the room to give me a kiss
it was quick and goodbye
no smile
like a part of her didn’t want to be there
there were cuter
but she was still very cute
even with that lifeless face of emotion
i chose her
i tried to get friendly
no dice
she gave me a massage which i usually never accept
i’m a straight to fucking guy
after 8 minutes i rolled over
condom on and she started to suck
1 minute and 20 seconds later
she gets on top and starts to ride
well she was 19, slim, and brazilian
it was good
i hadn’t cum in 3 days
which is a long time for any man
i was ready to explode
i pulled her to the side
both lying down
on our sides
1 arm underneath her
and the other on a tit
then i came in about 2 minutes
i could tell when i picked her
it was only going to be a 1 cum session
even though i paid for an hour
which i am technically owed 2 cums
but that massage, thats why i never let them massage
i tipped her 50 reis at the end
and a smile came to her face
she didn’t want to be there
she did ask for my number before i left though
it was a genuine move
maybe i’ll call her
but i probably wont
but i’m still thinking about her

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