The One That Makes You Feel The Pit of Your Stomach – The Whore Monger

The One That Makes You Feel The Pit of Your Stomach

I saw the Mother of my children
that will never be
She looked like my wife
The pretty girlfriend I never
had during my teenage years

and then just like that
some man snatched her away
grabbed her arm and she went
with his commanding force
I had her on my line
no more

Nothing I could do
I hadn’t felt this feeling for a long time
middle school I think
seeing that girl you like
at the middle school dance
slow dancing with the
always smiling hyper asian kid
and you think what does she see in him?
but you know what she doesn’t see in you
because you were never willing to show it
to reserved
to shy
to quiet

And then like magic, she was back
walking in my direction alone
“His credit card isn’t working”, she says
“Nossa! How much for 1 hour?”
“300 reis”

I agreed and softly grabbed ahold of her hand
From Mabs, we walked together to Lido Hotel
30 bucks to rent a room for 1 hour
mirror on the ceiling
and music!
she took a shower
I showered
she sucked. I felt a lot of teeth
then I licked and licked and licked
softly and consistently on her clit for 20 minutes

Thanks to the book I read recently
called “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner
finally I know how to properly eat pussy
And then that terrible feeling crept back
she refused to give me her phone number
and she was gone, just like before
and this time she wasn’t coming back
maybe she had a boyfriend

or a pimp

But my real hunch
is that
an emergency came up
she needed a couple hundred bucks
and she didn’t have daddy to call and help her

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