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Tijuana Red Light District (Prostitutes and Brothels)

For those living on the West coast, especially for people living or traveling in San Diego, Tijuana is a gem of a spot to monger. Only a 45 to 1 hour drive from San Diego (downtown), you can be in pussy paradise in no time.

How to Get There

Car – Everyone will try to convince you that driving your car into Tijuana is a bad idea. Don’t listen to those idiots. There are over 10,000 cars crossing the border everyday. If you are 100% certain you will not drink and drive, it’s perfectly safe to drive your car or a rental car to Tijuana. When you have had enough pussy and want to rest that hangover, it’s nice to have a car to be able to drive to the beautiful beaches of Tijuana (Playas de Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada). If you plan to travel to Tijuana by car frequently, you will want to apply for a SENTRI card which allows expedited clearance at the border.

Without Car – The easiest way to get into Tijuana is to park your car at the Palm Ave Trolley Station which you can park it for $6 dollars a day and take the beautiful red train (trolly) to the border. Or simply just Uber from San Diego. Once at the border just walk across by using the San Ysidro crossing (safest and easiest). Then bang, Tijuana and a plethora of sex is right around the corner.

By Plane – The airport that you will be arriving to is called Tijuana International Airport (TIJ) which is just a short 20 minute cab ride away from Tijuana’s red light district. For hardcore mongers that are flying in just to fuck some sexy Mexican girls, arriving by plane is a great option as you will not have to deal with crossing the border like most people.

What to Have Before Arrival

Passport – Even though Tijuana is basically in San Diego, you still need a passport because you are going into the country of Mexico. Even though Mexico may not check your passport to enter, U.S. Customs will need to see it upon your return (or you can’t get back into the US). It’s always a good idea to bring a photocopy of your passport just in case you do lose your passport. Border agents will reluctantly let you back in with a photocopy of your passport (but the process will take a few hours).

No Drugs – Do not try and bring any drugs over the border and no, not even doctor prescribed marijuana. There’s plenty of drugs on the other side if you want it.

A Pen for the Customs Card (tourist permit) – You will be given a tourist permit to fill out. Just bring a pen to avoid having to ask for one. You will get through more quickly.

Condoms – Even though sex workers will provide condoms, it’s always best to bring ones that fit.

Red Light District (Zona Norte)

All the action that you are looking for is happening in Zona Norte, which is the red light district zone and all the action is legal. Girls are “required” to have regular monthly testing but as always, practice safe sex. If you desire to stay where all the action is, look no further than Hotel Cascadas (owned and operated by Hong Kong Club, who have a monopoly and run this town) when looking for a place to stay for 1 or 2 nights. The hotel has it’s own strip club with a restaurant on the second floor and many girls from Hong Kong eat there for dinner. They have rooms starting at $60 dollars per night (very clean and nice) to offering penthouse suites that include a stripper pole and jacuzzi for a few hundred dollars. They even have a “Baller” suite that goes for a ballin $5,000 per night. If I’m paying 5k per night, it better include some lines of cocaine, but that’s just me.

Girls working the strip clubs (during their work hours) are required to take their customers to only a select handful of hotels to shag. These hotels are owned by the same owners that own the clubs. It’s a good idea to book a room in one of these hotels, that way you will not have any trouble bringing back bar girls to your room and having to pay a room fee. Hotel Cascadas is one of those that are safe to bring back bar/strip girls.

Below is a list of the main establishments in Tijuana. All are advertised as strip clubs, but they are in fact brothels with strip shows (and other various types of sex shows) as entertainment. They are run similarly to those that are in Medellin, Colombia. My recommendation is to bar hop and grab a drink at each club as you never know what you may find.

Adelita Bar

Info: Open from 10am-6am. This inside is nicely set up with plenty of bar space with stools and a long narrow strip stage with stag side seating to watch and tip the girls. The rooms they have on site are very basic but most importantly they are clean and get the job done.
Cost: $70-80 usd per pop.
Address: Calle Coahuila 1841, Zona Norte
Website: https://www.facebook.com/AdelitaBarTj/

Las Chavelas (same owners as Hong Kong)

Info: Has a cowboy feel to it or a texas ranchy feel. Hard to explain. Any place associated with Hong Kong is a good place. There is no cover and it’s open 24 hours. They have suites available onsite offering basic and rooms with a jacuzzi. This place more so feels like a dive bar with stripper poles. I’m a fan of places that feel more like a bar so I really enjoyed.
Cost: $70 a pop.
Address: Calle Coahuila 2009, Zona Norte
Website: http://laschavelasbar.com/

Hong Kong Club

Info: The #1 place by all accounts. There is just something special about this place with the lap dance rooms and multi floor layout. There is no fine for taking out chicks. The girls are responsible for meeting their quota to the club. Out of all the clubs, this was the smoothest run and most enjoyable for me. As a john (customer), you feel like they go the extra mile to treat you right. They put the customer first, which is how all businesses should operate. It used to be $70 a pop here but now the standard cost for a pop is $100. You will find the hottest chicks here, most of them being slim (no fatties).
Cost: $100 usd a pop. Slightly more expensive than the others.
Address: Calle Coahuila 2009, Zona Norte
Website: https://hktijuana.com/

Tropical (same owners as Hong Kong)

Info: A totally nude club with a jimmy buffet feel to it. Has a big ass hotel on top called Hotel Rizo de Oro where you can rent rooms by the hour and by the night.
Cost: $60 a pop/hr.
Address: Calle Coahuila 2004, Zona Norte
Website: http://tropicaltijuana.com/

Deja Vu

Info: As advertised, it is the largest strip club in Tijuana but far from the best service. Bigger is not always better in this case. I can’t give that much of a review because I didn’t last long here. I wasn’t a fan of the vibe. Nice place if you are a fan of the sex shows but if I’m going to watch porn, it’s behind a computer screen. Like the other establishments, there is a hotel on site to take the girls.
Cost: Don’t know.
Address: Plaza Pueblo Amigo, Vía Oriente 9211, 22320 Tijuana
Website: https://dejavutijuana.com/

Prostitutes (street walkers)

Normally we associate sex workers who work the streets as drug addicts or disease infested women. Do not cast this association on the girls working the streets in Tijuana’s red light district. You will find beautiful girls working the streets and there are no restrictions on where you can take them to shag. Many of these girls simply enjoy working on the street (as it is safe in Tijuana) than working in the clubs. So don’t overlook these women as you past by them. You will find street walkers standing on almost every block ready to give you that sexy eye. You can’t escape them.


For whatever reason, maybe you are too hungover to make it out another night, but as we all are when we are hung over – we just want a sexy babe to come to our room and take care of our cigars. Thankfully Tijuana has some good escort service agencies. Use the links below to access. One thing to note: these agencies will not send you more pictures of the girls listed on their site. If you ask, they are more likely to ignore you and you’ll end up sitting in your hotel room hung over and alone with no action.

  1. The Best Site for escorts in Tijuana
  2. Scortads
  3. Sexy Tijuana
  4. Entijuana

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