To All My Black Readers – The Whore Monger

To All My Black Readers

I am really interested to know what it’s like for black men when they seek escorts and companions. I’ve seen ads that state “Sorry, no Black men,” but not enough of these ads to think it’s a larger issue than what I thought it was. Also, I’ve never had one escort respond to my initial inquiry by asking what I had for skin color. It wasn’t until I started to see comments on my São Paulo post from black men expressing how enjoyable São Paulo was to monger as a black man that I gave it some serious thought. Essentially, this black man that wrote this comment was saying he normally has problems as a black man when seeking companions. Additionally, more black men commented on his original comment which reinforced it.

To everyone that doesn’t know, Brazil does not have a racism issue. Blacks and whites co-exist everywhere. It would be ludicrous to hear of an escort deny a colored man sex due to his skin color. Almost everyone in Brazil is mixed, with one different race or another. In Brazil, everyone talks and acts the same whether black or white. You do not see the large cultural divide between blacks and whites in Brazil as you do in the United States which I believe is the cause of this issue. However, I’d rather not get into the specifics of why that is, I’m more interested to hear from all of you about your experiences pertaining to this subject matter so we can all learn more, be aware more and to improve the system for everyone.