To All The Women Who Didn’t Love Me Back – The Whore Monger

To All The Women Who Didn’t Love Me Back

there’s something about turning into your 30s that is very gratifying
especially when I think back to
all the girls that I fell in love with that wrote me off
that are now constantly complaining on social media
how they are struggling to raise their kids
and not enough money nor vacation time
oh, but they wanted the bad boy…

well you had me
and you all blew it
God… Maggy, I would have married you at 18 if I could have
thank god I didn’t
But you had me with those eyes
that smile
that irresistible personality
that sent shockwaves through my body
as your smile lit me up like a Christmas tree
no man nor woman knowns anything at 18
besides getting a stupid tattoo
that they will only regret 10 years later
laser removal
but here I am
32 years of age
but always ready to girlfriend up a chick with perfect tits and a good attitude
give me 50 more years
I hope
I’d lock in a 82 year old death any day
let the count down begin