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Top 10 Sex Tourism Destinations

I am going to give you, my friend, a list of the top 10 (actually 9 hehe) sex vacation destinations on this planet. All of which I have been to and experienced first hand. If you are at all like me and born in the west, getting laid is a bit harder of an ordeal than I think God intended it to be. I hardly ever got laid back in the United States. With no places to go for cheap sex and beautiful women, for the last few years I’ve been traveling the globe tasting women, all in countries that legalize prostitution – Woman’s Rights I say, let her do what she wants with her body!

#9 – Amsterdam, Netherlands (BAD!)

I arrived in Amsterdam in September. Leaves falling, beautiful dutch girls with their hair flowing in the wind riding their bikes, bikes everywhere. You got to watch out for all those bicycles. Coffee and weed on every corner. There is a sense of freedom in Amsterdam I haven’t felt elsewhere in any other place. My favorite cafe, called Smokey’s – a must see, located right in the main square.

Alright lets talk about those dam women in the windows. Many, if not all, come from eastern Europe.

$50 Euro for a fuck or cum – But really it’s for about 5 minutes, if you can cum having sex with a condom in under 5 minutes, you are in business. Personally, I just try to find the girl with the nicest tits and go in there for a tittie squeeze and put my hands to work.

I was impressed with the window shopping, many of which are gorgeous, especially at night. That red light beaming around the window glitzes them up like a Christmas tree on a lonely Christmas eve night. Oddly enough, as I’d look at them in the window there would be little kids with their parents walking by. Europe, I love Europe. In America, the cunts would have DHS on every stoop. GET THOSE PARENTS, NOW!!! THEY ARE WALKING WITH THEIR CHILDREN IN THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT, HOW SICK!!

The FBI just shut down BackPage which only came on to the scene after they shut down Craigslist for the same service. Like usual, shut one down and another will pop up. Hugh Hefner has been preaching it for years, the USA is hung up on sex and money. If you aren’t within reasonable distance to a Brothel, you are living in a world run by cunts.

#8 – Japan

I am only listing countries where prostitution is possible without the possibility of being arrested. Japan is one of those places – fuck and not go to jail. But god dammit, Japan don’t like the white man or the big black cock. They only allow their women to prostitute to their own kind. I commend them for it, I really do. So if they only allow their thirsty vaginas for themselves, how did I go about getting action?

Each city in Japan is different. But most cities work in this way which is: Japanese men are allowed to go to any establishment as they wish. Foreign men (any man not looking asian) are stuck with the dog litter. You could try to pull out a wad of cash and get into the elite places with prime time pussy, but still highly unlikely (Reason: If asian men see foreigners go into “Jap men only places” word will spread and the establishment will likely go out of business). So, the dog litter it was.

I visited two cities while in Japan which were Tokyo and Osaka. In Tokyo, you will not be able to fuck any women, just blowjobs by jap women with droopy boobs and older looking Yokos. In Osaka, you can have sex in the Tobita Shinchi red light district. I found it fascinating in this area. Madams pimp out their daughters shop after shop. It’s the classiest red light district I’ve ever been to. In Osaka, you won’t get a bbbj and the women will have very hairy vaginas.

Japan Conclusion: Only go there if you want a spectacular blowjob from a lady approaching her 40’s.

Likewise, don’t go there if you are looking for once in a life time pussy. Just enjoy those fanny butts and their silky straight pubic hair.

#7 – Germany

FKK Clubs, Ero Centers, and more. I arrived in Frankfurt, Germany. Checked into my hotel right next to the Ero Center. I was a bit skeptical at fist. All I saw were squeamish Indians and what it seemed, middle eastern dirt men walking into the doors of the Ero Center. I found a bar and watched from a distance. Finally I felt good and made my way to one of the entrances. Every room either had a girl standing outside of it in sexy clothing or they were lying on the bed showing off their almost bare ass.

I kept walking up the stairs until I encountered this one blonde babe.

“50 Euros” she said.

“Ok,” I softly whispered out, a little frightened.

I walked into her room. Everything seemed quite normal to her. It looked as though she had been decorating this room for quiet some time. The room was very personalized with all her belongings, not every room was like hers. Then again, this was HER job, HER life and soon to be my cock up HER vagina. How long has this precious girl been here for? How many men have taken advantage of her in her own room, her own home? She blew me without a condom (BBBJ) and it was great. 50 euro it cost.

I was on a tight budget. Unfortunately I didn’t have the money to check out any FKK clubs but even then, I would return to Germany for the Ero Centers alone. My favorite establishment was a place in Hamburg called Geiz Club.

#6 Prague, Czech Republic

Soft white skin of women that’s never seen a ray of Caribbean light. Fine beautiful blonde hair and those blue eyes. Architecture, the hell with it. I stayed for 1 month. I arrived by bus coming from Berlin. All that time on the bus looking out the window daydreaming about romance in Prague. Romance with the blonde and blue. I heard so many great stories of this place. It didn’t take me long to find out about the spot, called Showpark. There are 2 by the way. Only one of them is the gem. I couldn’t believe a place like this existed, after all the hardship I had gone through in my life to get laid. How lucky these men are to be born in Europe growing up. A couple train rides and whallah! Goodbye virginity.

I wrote a post on this place, just go read it. To sum it up, it’s one of the best places I have ever been in my life. Almost every woman working there is an 8 or above. And with the seductive lighting they got going on in there, they all look like 10’s. It’s so good because of the layout, I didn’t want to say the word architecture. There is the main room where you can drink, go on their wifi, play some casino games and smoke cigys. Attached to the main room are 4 wings that all interconnect. Each girl has her own little room with a little bed. As you look into the room, you will see a sign stating her price. 50 Euros for 1 cum, 30 min max. Downside: the girls do not give bbbjs.

Ok why the goddam shit is it so hard to write this article? I’ve been trying and trying and it never seems to get finished. No matter what I write it will be shit because everyone has a different opinion. But I am not writing to the people who have been here and there, I am writing to the guy living in an obscure place, a virgin perhaps in his basement – a man with no hope of being laid. Because I was you. I were you.

#5 – Canada

Should Canada even be in the list? At least for now it should be. Growing up, I lived about a 5 hour drive from Montreal. It’s the place I should have lost my virginity but even being that close, I never made a trip there until much later which I deeply regret. Montreal is the sex capital in Canada. There is a forum board called MERB which is very similar to gp guia in Brazil. It’s a place for men to give reviews about escorts and escort agencies. It all serves as a way for agencies to list their services which makes it very easy to find what you are looking for while in Montreal. Compared to the United States, sex in Canada is the cheapest option you have in North America, starting at around $130 dollars for 1 hour.

While I was in Montreal, I used the agency called Euphoria Girls and had my girl delivered to my house. She came and gave me a great session including a BBBJ (so important). I never saw her again but it’s a session I still haven’t forgot.

#4 – Caribbean

I’ve only been to one place in the Caribbean and that is Curacao. There is a magical little establishment there called Campo Alegre. They have over 120 girls on campus every night dancing, roaming and making so many men happy. I hear the Dominican is quite nice but have yet to go. It’s on the bucket list. Curacao is a little Dutch island. In fact, they have a direct flight from the Netherlands to Curacao. Many blonde hair blue eyed dutch girls can be found going out down town. I didn’t have any luck with those broads. I just sat in my seat at the bars, sipped on my drink and watched them as they sat with their counterparts while they laughed and elegantly parted the hair out of their beautiful blue eyes. What I liked most about Campo Alegre was the price and quality of the girls. Lots of beautiful girls from Venezuela and Colombia.

#3 – Colombia

Like everyone who hears about Colombia, they think of Pablo and Medellin. Some dude has even turned one of Pablo’s ex-mansions into a big ass brothel. When I first went to Colombia, my first stop was Cartagena. It was actually my first time ever in South America. I booked a hotel in the old city and come to find out, I was staying in a hotel directly across the street from a love motel. It was like a movie, I opened the balcony to my hotel room and there across the way were two girls is skimpy clothes given me the eye. I didn’t speak any spanish but I did know how to give the point and the finger curl to come hither. She was the first prostitute I’d ever had. Sadly the next morning as I am waking up, I hear a commotion across the way. As I looked through the crack in the balcony door, there was my girl being arrested by the police. As you might of guessed, I didn’t repeat.

Medellin is littered with goddesses (goddesses are girls that are a no question 10, you see them and your heart races and they just stop you in your tracks 10 across the board). Sadly most girls are weary of gringos due to the fear of being labeled as a prostitute. Unless you look and speak Spanish, good luck! But this is no pick up guide website, we are mongers and therefore viva COLOMBIA! Medellin has many many places to go for sex. I think what Medellin does best is the strip clubs. Every strip club has a hotel attached so in the event that you pop a boner while a girl is on stage and want to bang her, you can.

Cali is another great city to check out, although the weather is very hot – it’s a must see. Clinica Doctor Amor is my favorite establishment in all of Colombia. It’s works in the very same way as the Clinicas in Brazil.

#2 – Thailand

The only place in the world to have Blowjob Bars. What a treat. There are many other things to check out in Thailand but for me, it’s the blowjob bars in Bangkok. It’s very strange at first. Before you even arrive at the blowjob bar, all the girls sitting outside waiting for customers know if you are a customer or not. They all giggle and give that famous Thai smile. The greatest thing about Thailand are all the old white dudes with young Thai women. When you get that Social Security check from the government, book a one way ticket to Thailand, it will be enough to get you by and also have a fresh piece of young gook flesh. She will try and most likely will succeed at sucking you dry, both in terms of bodily fluids and cash. But what the hell do you care, you are old and preparing for death, to hell with your kid’s inheritance.

So… blowjob bars for $25 bucks, cheap women and good beer. It’s a safe country. The only downside is that your visa only lasts 30 days which gives you a good excuse to go check out one of the surrounding countries.

#1 – Brazil

The holy grail. I’m not sure how it happened. Of course you had the Nazis that migrated to southern Brazil after WWII which is the cause for a lot of white blondes with those classic Brazilian bodies. Thank you Hitler for losing the war, without your kind warmongering attitude this wouldn’t have been possible. Then in Rio, the favelas over the years making those girls walk up and down those hills every day have shaped those asses decade after decade into tender oval masterpieces that not even Michelangelo could have imagined.

Brazil, the only country in the world to throw a party celebrating sex – Carnival. I haven’t missed a Carnival in 4 years. No matter where you go in Brazil, you can rely on the famous forum gp guia to find sex in any somewhat major city. The language is like music when they speak – Portuguese. In Rio de Janeiro you have the famous Termas, Quatro por Quatro being the best (It’s like going backstage in a Victoria’s Secret runway show and having a pick at any one of them there). And in Sao Paulo you have the great Clinicas and Sex Clubs.

The real great beauty about Brazil, unlike Colombia, is that Brazilian women are very open to foreign men and in fact, the Brazilian women seek them out.

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