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Where to Find Prostitutes

Where to find prostitutes? A lot of us tend to have this idea pop into our heads only to dismiss it very fast due to prostitutes usually being expensive and skeevy (in the United States). If you are here to read about finding prostitutes in the USA I am sorry, I can’t help you much there. You got Backpage, Craigslist, the bunny ranch in Las Vegas, asian massage parlor with happy ending (a lousy handjob to finish), and your typical cracked out street corner (typically in cities), yeah unfortunately that’s all about the USA has to offer. So much for the land of the free but no, the US Government has their hands wrapped around the balls of every single man. In order to get a peice of ass, you either have to be a real shmoozer or you need to obtain a girlfriend for steady sex, both of which require too much work…

To all you men living in the wicked United States of America:

In order to enjoy hot cheap (non skeevy) prostitutes, you will need to buy a ticket out of the United States to a place that tolerates a man giving money to a women in the exchange of good quality fucking.

Find Easy Hot Prostitutes

Alright so now that we got that covered. The USA is a stinking ground and you must get out to enjoy the real fruits of life. Some men prefer Europe, some men prefer Asia, and some men prefer South America. I’d say that’s pretty much all you have for whore mongering and finding prostitutes. In South America, not only is the fruit plentiful and cheap, but so is the pussy and that’s where you will typically find me.

There are plenty of places in the world to find legal or maybe it’s illegal but accepted places to find easy beautiful prostitutes. It just comes down to cost and the type of woman you prefer. The cheapest by far goes to the country Thailand. Great blowjobs are only $20 bucks. If I am ever diagnosed with a life-ending disease, I will go to Thailand and get multiple blowjobs everyday until I die. The second cheapest goes to South America. There is prostitution all over South America in just about every Country. The countries known mostly for their beautiful women tend to have easier access to prostitution. Countries like Colombia, Brazil, Argentina (even though I personally think Argentinians are dirty people and their women are by far the coldest women in South America), and Venezuela all have beautiful easy access to whores. If you prefer Europeans than the best destination is Germany where the average cost of a suck and fuck goes for $50-100 euro. I like countries where it’s easy to find whores, I like well established establishments with a clear address. I hate having to go online and to have to struggle find a whore house.

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