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Whiskeria 4×4 (Quatro X Quatro) Rio de Janeiro

Update 11/09/2019: 4×4 burnt down in a fire recently. Not sure if it will reopen but I’ll keep an eye out. Read more about what happened here: https://g1.globo.com/rj/rio-de-janeiro/noticia/2019/10/18/principio-de-incendio-interdita-rua-no-centro-do-rio.ghtml

I hadn’t been back in Rio de Janeiro for a few years due to my visa and for liking the northern part of Brazil better. But when having to fly to Brazil and as Rio de Janeiro is the entry point, why not stay for a few days. At todays rate of 4 to 1, it has never been better in the last 200 years to fuck a beautiful Brazilian blonde. I can fuck the most beautiful girl for the equivalent of 30 dollars. As I have no air conditioning at the moment it can be hard to type this article, I will try not to stray off topic.

As I am on my way to the Ipanema coming from the airport I can smell shit, poop, crap, or whatever you like to call it, it’s churning and mixing into the world’s biggest stink. I was telling my comrades that were in the taxi with me, I said, “boy does poop really stink, it can travel miles to find a nose.” This is the average smell of a Rio de Janeiro poop, whether it be a boy or girl, it must be the beans, those pinto (brown beans).

Whiskeria 4×4 (Quatro X Quatro)

The entrance to termas quatro por quatro (4×4) in Rio.

4×4 is the best. The girls for the most part, I would say 90% of them are above an 8.5. The are all hot and they will all suck your cock without a condom no questions asked. You pay a $50R entry fee and the fee to fuck a girl is $320R. Upon entry I walked up 2 flights of stairs and the higher I got, the louder I could here the music coming from the “meeting room.” I then reached the cashier and they gave me the rundown. Entry was 50 reis which is paid at exit, which everything is paid at exit. She then asked me how long I wanted with one of the girls when it came time to fuck. I choose 1 hour which is slightly more by about 60 reis. By choosing the hour, I am allowed to come as many times as I wish so whichever girl I pick is in real trouble. The lady at the cashier, which had the kindness of a mother, then gave me my locker key and off I headed for the locker. Upon entering the locker room I was greeted by a short lady giving me a robe and sandals. After switching my clothes for the robe and locking my locker shut, I headed for the mirror to see how handsome I looked in this beautiful white robe. Hue Hefner must feel like this 24/7. I then headed for the “floor” to meet the much desired ladies. After opening two black doors I am finally home. The “floor” has a 70’s cocaine disco feeling to it but with a hint of 50 Cent. I went for the bar to grab a cold beer and I took a seat. The girls are not very aggressive however if you look at one long enough she will come over and introduce herself. I like to have a beer or two and scope out the floor. As well as scoping out their bodies, I like to get a sense of their personality and judge whether or not based on their personality how good of a fuck and BJ they might give. I’m not one of these guys that likes to talk to the girls before. I just like to scope and then go in for the kill. I tend to think the girls like this method as well. No bullshit, straight fucking.

I picked a shy one with a stunning classic Brazilian body. She was very white with blonde hair wearing a neon yellow lingerie. I simply went up to her and said, “vamos.” She nodded and off we were upstairs where they have around 50 bang rooms. We entered the room. She gave me clean towels and soap. I cleaned myself off then laid in the bed naked while she hoped in the shower to clean her pussy. She sucked me off with a blowjob which lasted about 5 minutes before I exploded. I then went to take a shower again and came back. I laid on the bed and played with her tities until my dick went hard again. I put on the condom, she lubed up her pussy and the fucking began and ended after many positions and me finally coming again. I took a shower again. I put on my robe, kissed her on the cheek, then headed for my locker. I put on my clothes then paid my bill via debit card and walked out the place a happy man. I chose one of the many taxis waiting on the corner and headed for Ipanema. I was a happy relaxed man. Thank you 4×4.