Wifi Down – The Whore Monger

Wifi Down

it’s raining this morning
i try to work but the wifi is down
cheers to brazil
it’s nice though sometimes
just to relax for a second or two
so i made some fruit
i cut off a big slice of watermelon
cut up a few kiwis and a passion fruit
i put the coffee on which i always forget to turn off
and boiled some potatoes to later mix with the eggs
i put some chet baker on and just stared at the stove
watching everything cook
and then to the window to watch the rain pore on Rio de Janeiro
below my window is the neighborhood of lapa
and one bar in paricular, my favorite, casa de cachca
it was my birthday last night and i didnt do anything
i just smoked cigys on my deck and watched the people below talk and drink
normally seeing that brings me feelings of loneliness and longing
but knowing i could go to the whorehouses tomorrow erases all of that
it was a wonderful birthday
just alone in my apartment doing nothing besides chewing gum, eating doritos, listening to chet and smoking cigys

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